Friday, 6 June 2008

Storm socks

Storm by Diane Mulholland, from The Inside Loop.

I saw these and had to make them. And I did it in four days. I didn't even realise it was so quick till it was pointed out to me that I was the first to complete something from issue 2. And I got referenced on the inside loop blog! Whee!

These were my first socks doing a short row toe and heel. I had tried to do the Express Lane socks, but I think I was thinking too hard about the instructions and just couldn't wrap my head around it. With these socks, I just stopped thinking and followed what the pattern said, and it came out right! Yay! So now I can go back and do the Express Lane socks too! I know I could have exchanged the method of doing the toe (I've done the figure 8 cast on before and know how to do that) but I wanted to try it the way it is in the pattern.

I don't know if I'm such a fan of short row heels. For no reason at all though. I think I'm just used to the heel flap kind. I mean, the ones on the socks I made are good, they fit fine, and they worked out perfectly. But maybe with express lane I'll substitute the heel for the one from widdershins. At least I can say I've done a short row heel now though! By the second heel, I had memorised what to do and everything!

And I can also say that I love these socks! They're very comfy, perfect for sitting about the house and knitting. I had the grey wool already, so when I saw the pattern on the site, they jumped out at me. One of those must-make projects!

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Viknits said...

They're on my to do list! They look great! I found the Trystero socks really daunting at first, but when I realised that all you do is shift the chart pattern a few stitches to the left - it's really fairly easy going. It's a bit fiddly needing the cable needle loads though. But worth it!

I've never tried podcasts, apart from once, and it was American and I wasn't very enamoured with it (don't get me wrong I love Americans, but don't get their humour a lot of the time!). I might give it another go though since you've inspired me to!