Sunday, 25 May 2008

In Praise of Podcasts

I thought I'd like to write a little bit about podcasts I listen to. I've really got into podcasts lately. I only got my ipod at christmas, and it took a while till I was savvy enough about the whole thing to even realise you could get podcasts, but when I did, I became a little addicted :) I've got a nano, which at 4gb you would think would be enough space for my music and podcasts, but I have to rearrange it every week without fail. And if I'm going on a long bus journey, I can be on itunes for hours the day before, trying to figure out what music and podcasts I want to listen to. I listen to a lot of music anyway, but trying to squeeze all the podcasts I listen to on there too . . . I think I need another ipod just for podcasts and audiobooks. Oh, yeah, I forgot about the audiobooks. Or I need the 160gb ipod classic that I keep drooling over in the argos catalogue!

Anyway, I'm catching up on podcasts just now. I like to listen to a series right from the beginning and catch up before I listen to new ones, and I listen to one series at a time. But if a new episode comes up from a series I've caught up on, that gets priority.

As far as knitting podcasts go, I've listened to and caught up on (in the order I listened to them in) Cast On, Lime and Violet, Stash and Burn, and Yarncraft. Today I'm going to start catching up on Knit Picks podcasts.

I like them all for different reasons. I really got into the two host podcast thing for a while there (see Lime and Violet, Stash and Burn, and Yarncraft). I like the way a two person podcast can ramble off topic (especially Lime and Violet! I love their digressions), and it seems more friendly, like a real conversation. Some people like knitting podcasts to stay on the topic of knitting, but I think it helps to get a more overall picture of what the podcaster is like, and how knitting influences their own lives, not just abstract thoughts on a topic.

I find that podcasts influence my own knitting. Lime and Violet makes me want to buy yarn. Lots of yarn. Stash and Burn makes me want to knit all that yarn up right now! All podcasts make me think about different patterns than I would normally think about, when the podcasters talk about what they're making. Kind of like when I see a WIP or FO on someone's blog, and start thinking, oh I might want to make that too. Cast On makes me want to write stuff, because the articles etc on that show are really well written and spoken. Yarncraft is interesting because there's a lot of talk about behind-the-scenes stuff at a yarn company (lion brand), and each episode is structured around a specific theme (as is Stash and Burn), and I find that makes me think about different parts of knitting in different ways.

I also listen to Shimmy Cast, a podcast about belly dance. This is the only talking belly dance podcast I could find out there, please if there are more, let me know! I subscribe to a few music ones, but I like talky ones too. I love this show! It's so nice to hear discussions on belly dance topics, and there are reviews on dvds, cds, books, etc. which is really useful. I've even ordered a dvd based on a review from this podcast. It should be coming through this week hopefully.

I never really listened to radio before, but podcasts seem like the best kind of radio. I like being able to download shows on a specific topic that interests me, and there are so many great ones out there. And they're free! It's really mindblowing, how all these great resources are out there for free on the internet. But I think that's a whole other post topic. :) I really admire anyone brave enough to create one, sometimes I would like to, but my voice is not one that is good to listen to. So to everyone out there who has made a podcast, no matter what it is about, thank you for taking the time and effort to make them. I know it must be a ton of hard work, and I'm really grateful for the end product. Now, back to actually listening to them! :D

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Kate said...

I got an iPod for Christmas as well. :-) I adore L&V, and will try some of those other podcasts you mentioned as well to fill in the gaps between episodes. :-D