Friday, 4 February 2011

Excited :D

Tomorrow I'm going to a spinning guild meeting :)

Well, a weaving/spinning/dying guild, but there's spinning!! And since I've been using my spindle more and more recently, I'm super excited about going.

One of my friends from dance class spins, and it turns out that she's been going to this guild for ages, so I asked her if I could tag along :D The meeting is held in a nearby village, so it's easily reachable by the bus, which is great! I'm very excited about getting to meet other people who do fibery stuff. I already go to the knitting morning which is held every month at my LYS (twist fibre craft studio), and it'll be great to meet even more people who are into the same stuff as me. From what my friend told me about the guild, it sounds very interesting - classes, sales, demos, I can't wait!!

Here's some of the spinning I've been doing recently.

Hot Pink Handspun

Hot Pink Handspun

Hot Pink Handspun

It's hot pink corriedale, which I purchased from twist fibre. I've got about 75g of that and 75g of black, which I've already spun up into singles. However, tiny black strands of fibre is really hard to photograph :/ The pink was easier :) I've finished spinning the pink into singles now, and I'm going to ply them up next. Just black with black and pink with pink. Then I'm going to make some colourwork mittens or something with them. I think it'll end up being a DK weight. I'm using my smaller spindle that I got at Knit Camp, and I'm getting a lot better at spinning the singles consistently. There's still some thicker and some thinner bits, but it'll even out in the plying, I think.

Can't wait till tomorrow!!! :D


torirot said...

I'm so impressed by all the spinners out there - I don't think I have the pacience to do that.

Elizabeth said...

Nice job! I love spindle spinning! When I come to Scotland again (notice I said when not if) I want to go to a guild meeting! I love guilds! Will you let me tag along?

Yarndancer said...

It's be awesome if you tagged along!! :D