Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Tamarai Fashion Shoot!

Tamarai Fashion Shoot 1

Tamarai Fashion Shoot 2

Tamarai Fashion Shoot 3

Tamarai Fashion Shoot 4

Tamarai Fashion Shoot 5

I finished my Tamarai sweater!!!

(Pattern: Tamarai, by Kai Mistry, from The Inside Loop, winter 2008.

I absolutely love it! I'm so pleased with how it turned out :D (you might have been able to tell that from the big batch of photos of me posing, lol)

It was an amazingly fast knit, 6 days in all. It would have been 5, but I went crazy on Sunday, and tidyed for 6 hours straight. Mental!! But at least the house is a little cleaner now :) I knit for a lot of hours a day though, probably at least six. It was just so addictive! I kept wanting to get to the next landmark, whether that was seperating the arms, or the next bit of shaping, or the next bit of moss stitch.

And there was no seaming at all! Just the ends to weave in. That was a big bonus. When the knitting was finished, the top was finished!!

I followed the pattern exactly. When patterns have body shaping, I'm always a little worried, in case it hits me in the wrong spot, but I tried this on before I started any shaping (after knitting to the length specified), and everything was just at the right place. It's possibly the first pattern where I haven't had to fudge shaping, or rip back at all :)

I am totally going to make another of these. It's a little warm to wear it right now, but it'll be perfect for autumn. It's not too fussy, but it still looks quite cute and dressy. The perfect thing to slip on and be comfortable, and look good :)


Samsara said...

Wow I loove the colour :-) It looks great on you. I can actually see the pattern now, the picture on Ravelry is a bit too bright to see it properly.

Kate said...

Blimey, you're quick! I said before that I love the colour and I do! The shape really suits you as well. :-)

Anna said...

Oh it's absolutely gorgeous. I love the colour and am impressed by how quickly you were able to knit it! I'm still only on my second baby blanket in the space of three weeks. Well done!

Zu said...

Looking at this sweater makes me feel like dusting off my knitting needles.
It is so cute!!!
You go girl with your sexy sweater! ;-)

Littlelou said...

Looks great..very flattering. well done you xx