Friday, 5 June 2009

Ogawa Sock Pattern Available For Sale

Ogawa Socks

Ogawa Socks

I've designed these socks, and put them up for sale on ravelry. You can buy the pattern there for £2.00, if you're a member of the ravelry site. If you're not, click here to purchase it. (Thanks to Kate for letting me know about this feature!)

When I first saw the yarn (regia color 4 ply, in shade 1936), the colours
reminded me of the stream that runs through the village I live in. I chose a stitch pattern which creates a back and forth effect, like water rippling through reeds, and designed some socks which capture the spirit of that stream.

The socks are knit cuff-down, and the stitch pattern is achieved through the use of cables or (my preference) twisted stitches. As mentioned above, I used regia colour 4 ply, but any other fingering weight yarn can be substituted. The pattern is written in one size, but instructions are given on how to customize the fit.

Hope you like them :D


Kate said...

I like them. :-) They would make nice manly socks, too.

Anonymous said...

OOh, likey likey. I'm thinking man-socks too.

Elizabeth said...