Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Inspiration Overload

Have you ever had those times when you want to do so many creative things, and are just so inspired that none of them actually get done? That's where I am just now. I'm browsing patterns and yarns on ravelry, and I want all the pretty coloured yarns and all the fantastic designs RIGHT NOW! But my hands can't move fast enough for my brain. I've been making the Bacchus socks from Interweave fall 2008, and they seem to be taking so long! It's not really been long at all, probably about a week and a half, but it feels like forever. I love the pattern, that's not the problem. I've finished the first sock and am so pleased with how it turned out, it's very cute!

Gillyweed Socks

I'll definitely make more of these in the future, and I can't wait to have the 2nd one finished to wear, cos I love them so much, but my brain is annoying me to get on with other things, ALL the other things I can think of in fact. It wants me to make my entire queue all at once, and have them all finished by tonight. And to buy the entire contents of any online yarn store I visit. If only I didn't have to pay the rent next week! (And we'll forget about the bookcase and 2 big boxes full of yarn in the spare room. That's not even getting mentioned!)

Sigh. It's wonderful to feel so creative recently, especially after that little slump I had a while ago where I didn't feel like making or doing anything. I just wish I could keep up with all the ideas!


photoknitdog said...

So pretty! I love the bobbles.

I'm so having the same problem you are... I want to cast on everything right now!!! Too many pretty things to make. :)

Zu said...

What a cute design!! They look hard to knit.