Sunday, 2 November 2008


I have a serious case of startitis. I've finished one project:


BPT from Knitty

I like this jacket. I didn't do any waist shaping as I want it as an outerwear jacket to go over other clothes, so after the armholes had been seperated, it was just straight knitting with cables. I got gauge with this yarn (Teddy Vanguard (worsted weight)), but the fabric is a little thin, that's my only complaint (about the yarn). I guess it's more of a spring/autumn jacket than a winter one ;) The only thing that really bugs me about this sweater is the incessant rolling of the icord hem. It was fun to knit the icord and join it at the same time, but it just keeps rolling! Maybe it's because of the relative thin-ness of the fabric compared to the icord. Whatever it is, it's really annoying. I'm going to have to try fix it some way, maybe some crochet on the inside, or line it with some fabric. Maybe I could line the whole thing, then it'd be a little thicker. But whatever I decide to do, it won't be for a while yet anyway.

I wore it to Jewel Of Yorkshire, and it was perfect for the autumn weather down there. (yeah, I know, it's been finished for a month, and I'm only blogging about it now. Bad, bad blogger!)

Anyway, since then it feels like I've started a billion other things. I attempted the trystero sock pattern by Cookie A for Socktoberfest, but that was a bust. First they were too small on 2.25mm needles, so I went up to 2.75mm and they're too big :( They're sitting in the corner until some 2.5mm needles arrive from ebay. If they don't fit after that, I don't know what I'll do. Cry, probably.

I've been knitting steadily on Laminaria, I'm halfway through the first edging chart now, it should be finished soon! Yay!

I'm also making the Shades of Plaid scarf from the Crochet Me book, and I'm about 4/5 of the way through that. I'm sewing in ends, and threading it all together. It should also be finished soon.

I started a couple of soft toys, including an Octopus toy designed by Jean Greenhowe. However, I was trying to use up odds and ends for that, and didn't have enough of the colours I wanted to use. I'm either going to have to use more colours or buy more to make it.

And yesterday I felt an insatiable urge to cast on my second Rogue sweater, this time in black.

According to Ravelry, I have 6 projects on the go, which is more than I've ever had before! It's not bothering me too much though, most of them are small, and I'm sure I'll go through a finishing phase soon. :)


Kate said...

Love the colour. I think I like it more than the original, as the solid colour really shows the cables. :-)

And your second Rogue? I've had the pattern since 2005 and still haven't cast on my first one..! *blushes*

Samsara said...

Hurray! You've finished yours! I'm still only about halfway through. I like the solid colour though. Much better to see the stitch pattern :-)