Wednesday, 5 November 2008

America - Yes, They Did!

I've been following the American election pretty closely. Partly because it's such an historic one (only 40-50 years after the civil rights movement a black president gets elected, how amazing is that!), partly because of my own political beliefs, and partly because whatever the President of the USA decides, my own government and others throughout the world are strongly influenced one way or the other. Opinions on either side have been very strong this election, and it's been a big thing even this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

I want to offer my congratulations to the winners of this election, and to the American public. Like I said before, this is an historic day, and I hope President Obama's term in office lives up to the hopes and dreams that were invested in his election.

I've always been interested in politics, I think it influences all of our lives, and even though political decisions sometimes seems remote and inaccessible, this election proves that people can have the power to have their voice heard and to influence the direction their lives will take.

I will always vote in every election I am eligible to vote in. Not because people died to allow me that right (everyone always gives that reason, and it's an important one, but just not big in my own thinking), but because I have opinions, and am lucky enough to live in a country where I can voice them. I know that there are those who will ignore the voice of the people, and those who just plain want to take their voice away, but this election has galvanized my interest, and I have an increased desire to involve myself in those issues I feel strongly about, and that affect myself and others.

Politics in the UK seems less fractured, with less of a difference between the main parties. To be honest, it's hard to choose between them at times, because we're a smaller nation, with less room for divide. The main parties are chasing after the same few votes, which means their policies have to be kind of similar to attract them. But I will never be one of those who say my vote has no impact, and certainly not after last night!

Good luck America, and well done on making your voice heard!


Sherry said...

As an American I have been very embarrassed by how our gov't has interfered in everything. Today I am so excited we are moving in another direction. I cried tears of joy when Barack Obama was announced the winner of this election last night. He is so inspiring, I hope he is able to make the changes he and most Americans believe in and want.

Elizabeth said...

This American thanks you!

I believe the hard work is yet to come. In Bush's last 70 or so days in office, he plans to do the following damage...
#1. Make it legal for health care workers to deny birth control on personal religious beliefs.
#2. Gut a huge portion of the endangered species act.
#3. Block new worker safety standards.
That's just a few things on their plate! The Bush administration is the most insidious our country has ever endured. And they've only stayed in office because of all the cheating the Republicans have been able to get away with in both the 2000 & 2004 elections. They have committed numerous impeachable offenses & criminal offenses as well! I am galled by the fact that Clinton was impeached over a personal indiscretion but these people will probably get away with much more harm!

Anyway! I AM thrilled, I really like Obama, I think he is a good person really dedicated to public service: But I believe it's even more important to become vigilant now and hold Obama to his promises, and be watchful of the inevitable schemes the people who controlled George Bush will cook up to regain their power.

Sorry I didn't mean to get so wordy! I think I'll post this on my own blog!