Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Crochet is hard :(

So, I've done all the main knitting for Stargazer, all I need to do is make the band round the middle and sew it all up. But after all that stocking stitch, I just couldn't face sewing as well, so I did some more on Treenah. The new way of crocheting seems to be coming a little easier now, it actually feels weird when I pick up the yarn my old way, like it feels missing from around my little finger. So that's a good sign. But my gauge is way off. And not in a normal way either (really, if I have to have a problem, it has to be a weird problem!) My stitch count is less than the pattern, so for that I should use a smaller hook, but my row gauge is more than the pattern, so for that I should be using a bigger hook to compensate. Sigh. I think I'll try with a bigger hook, and maybe omit a pattern repeat.

Just a thought - is my yarn too big maybe? I'm using what is a normal DK weight yarn for here (Scotland in general) but maybe DK is slightly different for American yarns (cos you know, nothing could possibly be the same in both countries!) Hee, can you tell I'm a bit annoyed?

I really want to make this scarf. I'm going to try use the other ball of this yarn that I have with a bigger hook and see what it's like. If I decide it looks better then this will be the fourth time I retry this, but I don't care. I want my Treenah! It's getting to be a bit of a vendetta now, me against crochet. But I will win. And Treenah shall be my prize! (mad cackle) :)

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