Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Adventures of Treenah (complete)

Treenah is finished! And what a journey it was. Before I get into the long saga, let me just say that I love this scarf, and the pattern! Thank you to Megan Marshall for creating such a great pattern!

First, the pictures.

This is the yarn I tried to do it in at first. I've spoken a little about it already in this post, and my difficulties with crochet in this post. Once I got over my initial difficulties with crochet (although I'm still having trouble with gauge in general), the actual making of the scarf went by really fast. However, this happened:

That's supposed to be the same dyelot. Yup. So as those were the only two balls I had of that yarn, I gave up totally sick of it, ripped it out, and started again with another yarn. I was not going to let this scarf beat me! After that, it took only a few days to finish.

And here's me wearing it (indoors with a t-shirt on :)

And here's my wig head wearing it:

The yarn I used was a random acrylic from my stash, but it opened and flattened out nicely after washing it and laying it out flat. I made the middle part a bit longer, because of the way I like to wear scarves, and only 'cast on' (however you say that in crochet-speak) 33 (stitches) because of my gauge. This was again what I would call a DK weight yarn, but I'm learning that there are apparantly two different types of DK, and this would probably be called worsted in America.

It's really warm and lovely to wear, and I'm very happy with this scarf. I would definitely make it again, and may well do :)


Viknits said...

Wow it's gorgeous!! I just taught myself to crochet and it's quite hard isn't it! ;)

Moggle said...

I'm glad you liked my pattern :-)

Your scarf looks gorgeous!