Friday, 2 November 2007

What I've Been Knitting

Well, there's the pic from my last post, but that's going to stay a little secret till probably Sunday. :) Hee hee, I'm such a tease!

And then there's this:

Oh. My. God. Will the ribbing never stop?!!!! It feels like I've been knitting this sweater for EVER. It's going to be for my bf, and he won't wear anything with an interesting stitch pattern. Well, actually, he's asked for cables on his next one, which is totally adventurous for him. But it's 'safe' cables, just running straight up and down. And this one is taking forever. I've done the front and two sleeves, and I've only got the back to do now, but it just seems to be dragging on. That's six inches of ribbing in 4 ply yarn there, and there's about another 17 inches to go till I get to the armholes. I can't believe I'm desperate to get to armholes just for the interest created in shaping them! I just keep reminding myself of how pleased I'll be when he's wearing it, and that keeps me going.

Oh, and I've started my project for the Fall Cable Knitalong, but I've only done the ribbing for the back so far. I can't remember if I posted about it here or not so here's the pic just in case I haven't (can't be bothered checking):

It's from VK Autumn 2000, by Melissa Leapman.

And that's it. There's loads more that I want to knit (my ravelry queue has 26 projects in it, and I haven't really been looking hard for things to add) but I'm a bit wary of having more than 3 items on the go at once. I'll never get any of them actuallyy finished. So I'm trying really hard to get these done, then I'll cast on something new, but I can definitely feel the startitis bug developing. Ravelry's such a bad influence! :)

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