Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The End of the Endless Ribbing (at last!)

Yay! The jumper is complete!

After that I tried to cast on for the jumper I was going to do for the Fall Cable KAL , but that didn't turn out too good. I don't think the yarn is right for the pattern so it got frogged. I think I'm just going to do lots of small projects instead. After the bf's jumper I'm in the mood for small, quick knits. Speaking of which:

The first one is Jackyll&Hide from the latest Knitty. I knit this cos I like the way it looks as a hat, but it's pretty cool that it folds down into the mask. Should make for an interesting talking point when I'm wearing it, lol! It knit quite fast, only 3 days.

The 2nd is the Aran Tam, form One Skein Wonders. This also knit super fast - only one day for this, and I'm now working on the Yorkshire Tweed Beret from the same book. This is actually the first pattern I've knit from this book. There is errata for the pattern, but it's just a case of an extra knit stitch being placed in rows 7 and 8. You'll know it if you knit the pattern, it just obviously shouldn't be there. I really like this hat, and may knit more, who knows?

I seem to have become obsessed with knitting hats - must be winter coming on!


clarabelle said...

Great knits, esp your luvverly beret! Print 'o the waves is a bootiful pattern, though I knitted a modified version which is available on the Posh Yarn website (no grafting!).

And thanks for leaving a comment on my blog a few weeks back!

Viknits said...

Oooh that Tam is gorgeous! I love the mask, think it's really funny but love the fact it can be disguised as a hat too :D
Well done on endless ribbing, you have a lot more stamina than most of us!!