Monday, 25 July 2011

FO and WIP - afterthought socks

The afterthought heel experiment worked well :)

Afterthought Heel Experiment Socks

Afterthought Heel Experiment Sock

I wanted to try the afterthought heel technique, where you basically start knitting a sock (toe up or cuff down), put in some waste yarn where you'll put the heel later, then keep knitting the tube. Then when you've finished your sock, you go back and pick up the stitches from the waste yarn, and basically knit another toe. (I know, rubbish description. If you google it, there'll be tons of far better descriptions and tutorials) I wanted to make stripey socks, but short row heels never seem to work out for me. They always seem to fall off my heel and have massive holes. So I thought I'd give this a try. Other people seemed to be having success with it, and I figured, it's only knitting - I'll give something new a try :)

Afterthought Heel Experiment

For some reason, even though this heel is basically the same shape as a short row heel, it seems to stay on my foot much better. I can't explain it, it just seems to hug the heel of my foot much better - it feels less forced onto my foot. I did end up picking up 68sts when the rest of the sock was 64sts around, to close holes, and because I seemed to end up with a couple of extra sts anyway. Maybe that larger amount of sts accounts for it fitting better. I'm not sure, but I do like the way it fits. Not as much as I like heel flaps, but this works really well for striped socks, and it means you don't have to interrupt the pattern in self-striping yarn at all.

Stripey Sock - Afterthought Heel 2

So, after these were finished, I cast on another pair. I found 2 balls of Regia in a charity shop recently, but they were both different shades of blue. I can't make a pair from one ball for myself because my feet are too big, so I figured I would stripe them.

Stripey Sock - Afterthought Heel 2 -  The Toe

I knit these from the toe up because I wanted the striping to end up exact on the toe. I didn't want to have to start decreases halfway through a stripe. So I did a figure 8 cast on, knit the toe in the navy blue, and then started striping. Luckily, I managed to fit the heel right into the middle of a navy stripe, and then I made the ribbing at the top of the cuff in navy too.

Stripey Sock - Afterthought Heel 2

I've only done one of these socks so far, but I'm liking the stripeyness :)


Anonymous said...

I've had the same experience with afterthought heels! I thought it was just me :S They fit so much better than short row ones. But gusset heels, for all their faults, still fit me best.

Elly said...

Oh I love your stripey socks. I keep seeing them everywhere an lusting after them. I MUST add them to the TOP of my queue :D