Wednesday, 1 June 2011

WIP Wednesday - Spinning

I've written loads over the past few days about the knitting project I'm currently working on - the cedar leaf shawlette. That's coming along fine now, no more ripping back (fingers crossed!), so I figured there wasn't much point in writing more about that. The only other thing I've been *actively* working on the past week (apart from HPKCHC stuff, of course), is spinning.

Spinning Basket

I'm spinning this fibre to make colourwork mittens. I've already knit, and am waiting to block a pair of Galileos by Laura Chau (but I haven't written about them yet, so it hasn't really happened yet, lol). This fibre (Corriedale, I think, need to doublecheck that at the shop next week) is going to become a pair of Deep In The Forest mittens. The light turquoise is going to be the trees and the dark jewel tone green that I'm spinning now is going to be the background.

My default spinning size seems to be perfect for mittens. When plied, it seems to be a large sock weight. My wraps per inch means that my yarn is fingering weight according to the charts out there, but it seems a bit larger than normal sock yarn. But it's so perfect for mittens. My Gailileos are so lovely... but that's another post!

I've got 100g of each fibre, and what I do is to split it up into 4 equal amounts, spin them into singles, then ply them together to make 2 equal amounts of approx 50g. That seems to be what my spindle will hold without falling to the ground every second, and it works out well for knowing where the halfway point in my yarn is - just knit till one ball is finished and the other will be roughly the same :)

I'm enjoying spinning this. I just do a little at a time, whenever I have a moment. It's so portable and pick-up-able that it's easy to just spin a little amount at a time. And before you know it, those little bits have added up into a whole big bit :) I love spinning :)

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Elizabeth said...

Nice! I think spinning is my favorite activity. It's good to know there are more people doing it now! Make sure to post pictures of the mittens when you are done.