Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Things Need Updating...

I think my spring-clean fever has extended to the blog. I was looking through it, looking for a post, and I discovered how out of date it is. Apart from the fact that I hardly seem to post any more, my sidebar links are sooooo out of date. I listen to about a million more podcasts now, read another million more blogs, some of the ones listed don't even exist any more, I think. Also, I look at other blogs, and they have like, pretty pictures in the background, and fancy lettering, and all sorts of neat gizmos. I'm so 5 years ago with my basic blogger page, lol!!

My first update is the blogoversary gadget doo-dad thingy.

Get your own free Blogoversary button!

You can get your own here.

Actually, getting that gizmo reminded me that my blogoversary is in only 11 days!! My blog will be 4 years old! I'll have to think of something cool to do for it :)

I don't think my updating/spring cleaning will be happening today - I've got a ton of stuff that needs doing, and no matter how long I spend on it, it never seems to get done. Maybe tomorrow, but probably not. Again, those neverending tasks.

Hmm, just a thought, I've got a bunch of free time on Saturday. I think maybe it'll be getting done then. Till then I can indulge in my other favourite pastime and write lists of what needs to be done, so that I can feel really good about myself when I check them off. Yay, sounds like a plan!

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Yarndancer said...

Updated some stuff, but I still need better pictures and backgrounds and gizmos and stuff lol!