Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow and Knitting

It's been snowing!! Just a little bit ;)

Eep, That's Deep!

Outside The Front Door

I love the snow!! It's my favourite weather of all :) I love the absolute silence when the snow is falling, and it just looks amazing! I've lost count of how many inches of snow has fallen on my little corner of Scotland, but I've been taking lots of pictures of it.

Lovely Snow Covered Tree

Winter Trees

Snowy Hills

My flickr set with lots and lots of snow pics is here:

I've been knitting something to keep me warm in this cold weather. I was listening to the "stash and burn" podcast, and heard Nicole talking about the Kerrera cardi she was making. I looked up the pattern, and decided I liked it very much :) I had just frogged my slob-about sweater (rav project page and blog post) because it was absolutely massive, and I had never worn it. Not once. It weighed about 700g, and the rib pattern I used just stretched and stretched and stretched. It would have fit Santa Claus!! So I'm using the yarn (James C Brett Aran with Wool) to make myself a Kerrera cardi. I'm up to the armhole seperation now, and it's quite warm and toasty sitting on my lap as I knit :) Just what is needed, really :)


torirot said...

Looks like you have more snow than us right now! We have only cold, minus 21 degrees Celsius this morning. Hope you have a nice knitting weekend!

Elizabeth said...

It is so beautiful! I fantasize about visiting Scotland again, you are so lucky to live there!

Amanda said...

I really hope you can come back sometime soon, Elizabeth!