Sunday, 5 September 2010

More Prizes!!

Yesterday was the local village annual show. Last year I entered my Bender toilet roll holder and won a prize. This year I decided to enter again, and won more prizes :)

I entered this bookmark that I knit just after last years show, when I first received the list of items for this year.

First Prize :D

The pattern is the Kunststricklesezeichen Lace Bookmark by Utlinde. Here's the photo from last year :)

Leaf Bookmark

It's been in a book for the past year blocking out, and it seems to have opened up quite a bit since then. I was so pleased when this won first prize!

I crocheted this baby cardi (although it's a bit thick, it's more like a jacket lol!)

Third Prize :D

This is the Lazy Daises Layette Sweater from 100 Crochet Projects (this pattern designed by Michele Thompson for Coats and Clark). The pattern doesn't appear to be in Ravelry yet though. I figured it would be a fast thing to make and enter, and people are always having babies so it'll get a proper use at some point (not from me, before you get any ideas lol!). This one won third prize :) I added the flower just by crocheting a chain, then pinning it onto the front of the sweater in the flower shape, then sewing it on. I like the black on the lilac, it's quite unusual for babies, I know, but it just seemed to fit :)

I improvised a couple of designs for the show as well, this necklace:

Flower Power Necklace

And this robot toy:

Barnabus the Robot

(this is him before sewing and stuffing)

Barnabus Before Sewing

He's been named Barnabus the Robot by my friend's son. I think it suits him :) He was made for the "something made from scraps of wool" section.

These didn't win any prizes, but I think they're kind of cute anyway :) I'm thinking of writing up designs for these, but it probably won't be for a little while. Unless I go mad, and just decide to drop everything else I need to do right now. Which could happen, you never know. It does kind of tend to happen that way :)

I've got next year's list of items already, so I'd better get started on them! There's a lot of sewing in next year's list, so it'll be a good chance to get better at my sewing :)


Samsara said...

How cool to have a village show with competitions! I love the flower necklace! And the bot toy :)

Anonymous said...

Well done! I think the Robot should have got 1st prize too!
It was great meeting you too and I didn't realise you'd bought so much! What a yarn-fiend! :)

Fiona said...

thanks for the moleskine advice. I did a search on flickr and on google images and got lots of ideas! love your knitcamp purchases!

Spundun said...

Cool! Well done you!