Monday, 9 August 2010

The End Of The Never-Ending Shrug

To The Frog Pond!!

It's time to rip :)

This shrug has been on my needles forever! The pattern is from the Drops website, and is called the "119-29 Bolero in ”Safran” knitted from side to side with flounces along sleeve edges" (nothing like a short, memorable title, eh?) I was knitting it in fingering/sock weight yarn (trekking xll in colourway 341) on 2.75mm needles, and OMG it was taking forever!! I've been knitting on it on and off over the past couple of months (I cast it on at the end of May) and just can't seem to get any more of it done. I think for the past month and a half I've only been knitting two or three rows at a time, then getting really bored. I knit two rows this morning and it was the most boring knitting experience! I finally decided to rip it.

I really like this yarn, and I really like how it looks in k1,p3 rib, but I just can't face knitting any more of it. For this pattern, you knit from the sleeves up to the middle of the back, then do the same again, and graft it together. The thought of knitting all this again is just too much, it has to go!!

The flounces at the ends of the sleeves were actually quite fun to knit. But after that it just became miles and miles of ribbing, which it turns out is not that much fun to knit, even though it can look really pretty. Maybe I can incorporate the flounces into something else...

I don't know what the yarn will become now. Maybe a crocheted shrug as that would go a million times faster, or maybe a shawlette/scarf, or maybe even some socks ;) For now, all I know is that it will not become this shrug.

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Kate said...

It is *so* satisfying to frog a project that isn't working or is driving you mad. And you get a whole ball of yarn to play with again!