Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Little Ruffley Flower Obsession

I had another incident of seeing a pattern come up on ravelry's recently added pattern page, and having to make it right now. I seem to have a few of these incidents, that pattern page is quite addictive!

Ruffle Flowers

Ruffle Flowers

These were made using the pattern "Ruffled Crochet Flower" by Shala. It's a free ravelry download. I saw the pattern come up and just thought wow, tribal costume! (Probably because I was at a hafla the night before with lots of fabby dancing and costumes). So I downloaded and printed the pattern, and proceeded to make 3 of them in one day!

The pattern calls for thread and a 1.5mm hook - I used some random orange thread from my stash of crochet cotton, and a 2mm hook, cos that's what was nearby. It worked fine :) The pattern's written up well and easy to follow. The first one took about 3 hours, but I'm getting the time down now :)

I'm envisioning loads of tribal costume ideas using this pattern. I want to add them to a belt, I want to make hairfalls with them, and I want to just add them to everything in my wardrobe!! The original has a button in the middle, making it look more flowerlike, I think black buttons would look great in the middle of all that orange...

Sigh, if only when I thought of something, it would just appear! I'm too impatient, I want these costume pieces now!! But I think I'd be swamped with knitted and crocheted items if that happened, so it's probably best just to go through the process (I'm such a product knitter/crocheter!) I'm having lots of fun making these little flowers though.

And they're so scrunchy in the cotton thread! I keep squishing them in my hand just to feel the texture. I think I finally understand the appeal of tawashi, if not washcloths just yet.

Must go make more...

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torirot said...

Fantastic flowers! Please post a photo when you're wearing them somewhere, dancing maybe :-)