Sunday, 15 November 2009

New Twist Collective!!!!

OMG!! Have you seen the new Twist Collective magazine yet????

I'd completely forgotten it was coming out, then I saw a pattern come up on my friends activity on ravelry. I'm so glad I caught it!! this issue is amazing! I've queued 14 patterns from it, and I like some of the others, but they're just things that I can't see myself making right now. (but knowing myself, I'll probably queue them all later)

My favourite by far is Bright Star, by Cathy Carron. That one went straight to the top of my queue. It's a cropped cardi, with what I would call quarter length sleeves, an interesting textured stitch pattern, fold over collar, and a cute "space" above the buttons with no neckband. I totally love it!! I can see this will be getting made sometime very soon! Oh, and I just remembered - I have enough bright red worsted weight yarn left over from my Simone sweater . . . OK, I'm going to have to go off and buy this pattern now!

OK, done. :D

I also love:

Kelmscott by Carol Sunday (a lovely lace cardi with an interesting shawl collar)

Farinelli by Ysolda Teague (gorgeous lace opera length gloves)

Ormolu by Barbara Gregory (lovely colourwork pullover that just could end up being my first colourwork sweater)

Frost Tapestry by Robin Melanson (colourwork hat, gloves and neckwarmer)

and Skara Brae by Stephanie van der Linden (pullover with beautiful cable pattern, appeals to my scottish-ness I think).

These are just the ones I'm drooling over most though. I've queued more, and when I was going through the magazine, I was very excited to see all those lovely patterns. Sigh, maybe one day I'll be a proper "grown up" designer, and able to design such lovely things . . .

I haven't been so excited about an issue of Twist Collective since the very first one, and I think this issue may even surpass that one (but I'm not sure about that yet, I do love the patterns in that first issue). With the last issue I had been a bit worried that it was all going to dissolve into cutesy baby patterns, which are lovely enough, but not relevant to me since I don't have, or see myself having any babies, cutesy or otherwise ;) But this issue totally restored my faith in it, and I can't wait to get Bright Star cast on!!


Kate said...

Bright Star was my favourite, too. Everything I've knitted recently seems to be a top-down raglan. I'll be able to do them in my sleep soon, which would be useful, actually. I think I'd have to make the patterned section longer so that I don't end up with a bisected bust, though!

I missed the previous issue; will have to go and look at cutesy baby patterns! ;-)

Kristin @ Meanbean said...

this was my first time checking them out, and wow i love the layout, and the patterns! My favorite by far is the lacy gloves by Ysolda :)

Karen said...

I love the look of the unusually shaped shawl--but all the patterns are stunning!