Wednesday, 13 July 2011

WIP Wednesday - A Bit Of Everything

This week, I've been picking up projects, doing a bit on them, then putting them down and picking up something else. It's fun to have lots of projects on the go! I'm normally pretty monogamous with my crafting, just one or two things that I'm actively working on, so it's fun to just dive in and do a bit of everything.

I finished the knitting on my Willow Scarf!! No photos, it's still all unblocked and curly, but I'll be getting the iron to it soon! I also finished my afterthought socks, which I'm very pleased with. I do have photos of them, but they're for an FO post ;) (I'm just teasing you now, aren't I?)

So, for active unfinished objects, I have two amigurumi on the go:

WIP Wednesday - Hello Kitty Devil

Pattern: Amigurumi HK Devil by Armina Parnagian

WIP Wednesday - Mummy

Pattern: Mumford Mummy by Deb Richey

Both of these are at the sewing up stage - look at all those ends!! That will be for a time when I have no other distractions and lots of time to position everything, I think! I'm not sure about the ears on the hello kitty, I haven't made them quite devil-y enough, I think, but I'll sew up the rest of it before I start messing around with it.

I've also spun all the pink fibre I had into singles, and plied on skein already.

Basket O' Spinning

One Skein Plied :)

Handspun Close-Up

One way to batter through 200g of fibre is to say you're not taking part in the Tour de Fleece ;) I started this on the 2nd when the Tour started, and it looks like I'll be finished before the Tour ends. If I had stated any intention to count this towards the Tour, I'd still be spinning the first ball!

I'm liking how it's turning out. I'm using my heavier Ashford spindle, which I'm not so comfortable on, and my singles are a bit thick and thin, and sometimes overspun and sometimes underspun. But it really is all balancing out in the plying. It's like blocking, magic!! Plying the two shades of pink means it's still very girly, but it's a bit more muted with the colours together. Little girls would still fight over it though, lol! ;)


Just Jennifer said...

You're doing a good job of keep up with WIP Wednesdays. I have fallen off the wagon cuz my blog isn't solely about knitting. BUT, I have finished something that I will blog about as soon as I can type of the pattern.

What does FO stand for?

Yarndancer said...

FO is finished object :)